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Quiz "The role of food"

Wallis & Futuna
All schools in Wallis and Futuna
Quiz "The role of food"

The Catholic Education Department of Wallis and Futuna invites year 4 and 5 classes to participate in an online quiz on the role of food to celebrate Healthy Eating Week!

The quiz will then be put online and open to all from 08 to 09 November 2022. Each class will take the quiz together and all pupils may answer the questions.

An educational video presenting the types of food (builders, protectors and energy) and the roles they each play in the functioning of our body, will be broadcast and viewed by the students/classes participating in the project before the quiz.

At the end of the quiz, the results will automatically be displayed on the Kahoot platform. A classification will be made according to the number of correct answers and the response time.

Rewards will then be given to the first 3 classes who have the most points.


The material you will need:

  • A computer connected to a video projector
  • An Internet connection
  • Open the platform « »
  • A pin code (sent the day before the competition)

The video used as support is part of a series of educational tools that make up the project "Healthy Child, Promising Future" which address various themes related to food. The video features Vili and Malia (the main characters of the program) confronted in their daily lives with various food-related issues.

The video is accessible via the website Educ@Pasifika which also includes all the other resources of the program and which can easily be used in class to address the theme of food.

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